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Why use a Battery Tender?

During colder months, lots of motorcycles see limited use if even that, making this time of year when a motorcycle battery needs the most help. That’s especially true with Baggers, those fully-loaded bikes most likely to be carrying a whole host of extra electrical accessories. Everything from more lighting to battery–draining sound and communication systems and alarms is common place on these bikes

            The best factory and aftermarket alternators will only bring a battery up to about 80 percent of full charge, and that’s with everyday riding. Let that bike sit for a week or a month and you can almost be guaranteed a dead battery sooner rather than later

            Just having enough battery juice to start a bike isn’t enough, either. Today’s motorcycles have sophisticated electrical systems, more is demanded from a battery than before and keeping that battery at 100 percent charge is vital to the bike’s overall performance. The computer controlled sensors and switches need peak voltage to operate as they’re designed to. Even a slightly weak battery can lead to all sorts of problems and trouble codes

            A Deltran Battery tender takes away all those worries, from starting to running. Riders who aren’t using a Battery Tender now, and especially all those riders with a fully-loaded bagger bike sitting in the garage, are risking early battery failure.

            Every Battery Tender provides all the necessary recharge/maintenance steps to bring a battery to 100 percent charge and keep it there. It’s fully automatic and totally hands-off, too. Hook it up, plug it in and forget about it. With state-of-the-art ISM (Infinite Sequential Monitoring) programming that Battery Tender will automatically update the charge sequence for a smooth transition between charging and maintenance.  Each Battery Tender reads the battery it’s hooked to and reacts accordingly to apply the proper, and safe, charge and maintenance sequence. Once fully charged the Battery Tender will move into the maintenance mode or “float” mode until it sensors a drop in battery power and automatically moves back to charge mode to keep your battery and 100 percent full charge when not in use. It will never overcharge the battery, never cause one to out-gas, bubble over or be harmed in any way. Every battery needs a Battery Tender, either when sitting for winter storage or in-between weekend to weekend rides.


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