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Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer
Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer
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  • Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer fixes problems related to ethanol fuels.
  • Its synthetic blend prevents water build up, fuel system corrosion and ethanol phase separation that robs fuel of octane.
  • Ethanol Equalizer replaces lost octane, increases horsepower, and stabilizes fuel for extended storage.
  • One 1oz. bottle treats up to 5 gallons.
  • This product is EPA registered.
  • Sold Each
Q: Will Ethanol Equalizer hurt my engine?
A: Ethanol Equalizer will not hurt your engine, in fact just the opposite. By keeping Ethanol Equalizer in the fuel at all times, your engine will run cleaner and more efficiently for a longer period of time.
Q: Will Ethanol Equalizer void my warranty?
A: Ethanol Equalizer will not affect your engine warranty.
Q: What does Ethanol Equalizer do to my gasoline?
A: Ethanol Equalizer helps keep the gasoline and ethanol bonded to each other regardless how much water is absorbed into the fuel.
Q: What is the shelf life after the bottle is opened?
A: Ethanol Equalizer has a 5 year shelf life even after the container has been opened.
Features Benefits
Allows storing without drainling fuel Ride out after storage with the same tank of gas
Synthetic blend prevents water build up, system corrsion and phase separation Saves on fuel system servicing
Helps eliminate moisture in fuel systems Prevents internal parts from rustin
Replaces lost octane Increases Horsepower
Use 1oz. per 5 gallons of gas Inexpensive to use and maintain

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