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Baker 7-Speed Transmission Gear Set
Baker 7-Speed Transmission Gear Set
Fits in stock 6-speed caseCompare stock to Baker 7-speedMainshaft and pulley installedChromed DD7 trans door
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The Baker DD7, Direct Drive 7-Speed is a direct replacement of the Cruise Drive Harley-Davidson factory 6-speed to improve it in many ways. Many complain that the factory 1st gear is too tall and these bikes feel bogged-down at the stoplight.
The DD7 has a shorter 1st gear for improved get-up-and-go. Because of the shorter first gear and additional gear ratio changes, testers report that the bike feels like motor work has been done. The shift quality is greatly improved as well.
The Harley-Davidson factory 6-speed ratios are: 1st (3.34), 2nd (2.30), 3rd (1.71), 4th (1.41), 5th (1.18), 6th (1.00).
The Baker DD7 transmission will have the following ratios: 1st (3.76), 2nd (2.75), 3rd (2.06), 4th (1.55), 5th (1.27), 6th (1.10), 7th (1.00).

Shift smoother: In transmission design low main shaft weight is always desirable for smooth and quiet shifts. The factory main shaft is a one-piece design that includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. The audible shift clunk in the factory 6-speed is caused by the heavy rotating weight and the resultant high inertia of the 1-piece forged main shaft. The DD7 main shaft is light weight and only includes the small 1st gear as an integral part to keep weight down. The shift clunk is absolutely minimized.

Shift smoother yet: The DD7 is a big improvement over the factory 6-speed because it incorporates a new linear roller ball detent as part of the supplied billet top cover. In the Baker DD7, the shift drum is designed to help the rider find neutral every time.

Ride quieter: The factory 6-speed has straight cut 1st and 5th gears. This yields gear noise in 5th which is a gear that riders spend much time in. The DD7 has straight cut gears in 2nd and 3rd. Gears 1, 4-7 are helical. All gears (1-7) have diamond ground tooth profiles

Features Benefits
Utilizes ball bearing linear detent in the top cover No Clunks or jerky shifts
The DD7 Builder’s kits will come ready to slide in the bike No case modifications
BAKER Speedometer Re-Cal Box and Leads Included. No extra parts to buy
DD7 Door Bearings are 28% Wider than Stock Increased strength for Big Engines
DD7 Shift System designed based on years of experience Ease of Finding Neutral
DD7 Shift System designed based on years of experience Smooth Shifting

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