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Tech Tips for your Harley-Davidson
How to Properly Load your Harlely-Daviidson

How to Properly Load your Harlely-Daviidson

How to properly Load your Harley-Davidson

General Precautions

1.      Always follow the safety warnings associated with the equipment you are loading or unloading and follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions. 

2.      When loading/unloading equipment, always remember that you are on an incline. There is potential for flipping over. Be extremely careful.

3.      Always have a person watching as you load or unload your vehicle.

4.      For every inch of height you are loading/unloading, your ramp should be 2.2 inches long; For Example: to load a motorcycle into a 30 inch truck bed height you should have a ramp at least 66 inches long.  (30” x 2.2” = 66” Ramp Length Needed). If not sure always go longer.

5.      DO NOT alter ramp in any way.

6.      We do not recommend riding your motorcycle up the motorcycle loading ramp.
You and your spotter should roll the motorcycle up with the engine turned OFF. Be on guard for “Tip-Over’s.”


Placement of Ramps

1)      Fit loading ramp firmly against tailgate, rubber fingers up.

2)      Depress lever on safety strap buckle and pull hook assembly from ramp to extend length of strap. Loop this strap around a cross bar and attach at a point 8" to 12" from the top of the where equipment wheels will ride on the loading ramp. Attach hook securely underneath vehicle of trailer to the metal portion of the bumper or frame. The Safety Strap assembly is designed to keep the ramp from sliding off the end of your truck, tailgate, or trailer. It is not designed to prevent a loading ramp from free falling to the ground. Always be sure that your ramp is set firmly against the tailgate of your truck or trailer.

3)      Pull the unattached end of the strap so that it is tightly holding loading  ramp(s) against tailgate or trailer.

4)   Before loading/unloading the motorcycle, make sure the ramp does not slip back or sideways on tailgate by pulling from the bottom of the ramp to ensure the top of the ramp remains in contact with the end of the tailgate or trailer.

Loading & Unloading:

1)      Use caution when loading/unloading your motorcycle.

2)      Ensure the weight of your motorcycle does not exceed specified weight capacity of the ramp.

3)      No additional passengers or cargo should be on the motorcycle while loading or unloading. We recommend lightening the bike as much as possible, empty saddlebags and touring pack.

4)      Have your spotter verify that the tires of your motorcycle are on the ramp.

5)      Have your spotter guide you up the ramp. Go slow enough to stop in case your spotter tells you to stop

6)      We do not recommend running the motorcycle and using the clutch to drive your bike up the ramp unless you are experienced in this type or operation. If you choose to use the vehicle’s engine do not spin the tires or over accelerate as you guide the motorcycle up the ramp

7)      When unloading follow the same safety precautions being sure to use the brakes to maintain a slow descent

  * Always wear a helmet when riding any wheeled vehicle.  Never operate any equipment or use a loading ramp after consuming any alcoholic beverage or medication.

  * Never exceed the load capacity of the loading ramp. Never load equipment with additional passengers or cargo in and/or on equipment.  - Never use the loading ramp as a ladder.

* Not following all safety warnings, precautions and instructions may result in property damage and/or severe personal injury


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